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Treading on Eggshells – Kenneth Wrong

January 8, 2011 6 comments

Unless David Cameron proposes a tax on sex, the winner of 2011’s Massive Twat of the Year has already been won, by a man named Kenneth Tong. Who is he? Well I didn’t know this myself until a few days ago but apparently he was once on Big Brother, the show notorious for bringing out the best in humanity. Why am I blogging about him? Well in the past week he was been spouting the biggest amount of shit I have ever heard, by saying that if you’re not a size zero then you fail at life and by promoting “managed anorexia”. He is also some kind of rich playboy and happily lauds this over the rest of us lesser humans.

Now, I have to be careful here. Apparently, because of all that has happened to me, I tread very carefully on the eggshells of hypocrisy if I dare suggest his freedom of speech is oppressed. On the flipside, I am also aware that I am not immune from justified criticism if I’m wrong. I’m happy to debate. Also, I’m loathe to give him more publicity because it’s obvious that is what he feeds on in the absence of food. I justify it to myself by saying that he would inevitably get attention anyway and it’s what we do about it now that counts.

I have been through all the arguments in my head and occasionally with people on Twitter. If I say that his moronic, irresponsible and dangerous views should never see the light of day then I’m infringing on his human rights to freedom of expression. Is it right that he should be allowed to speak his mind this way? Free speech campaigners will say yes, that in order to have a free and democratic society you cannot limit free speech, for it is no longer free. I completely understand that, and that we also have the right to disagree with his views. Not that our disagreement with, orĀ vilificationĀ of, him will do anything to dissuade this deluded and deranged individual.

His views can lead to people putting themselves at serious risk. I have been told that you and I have the ability to realise his opinions are shit. Yes, that’s great for us. But there are vulnerable people out there who will lap it up. People with eating disorders and low self-esteem will see him telling them they are worthless and then… well I don’t even want to think of what could happen. Of course, the argument that I then went through in my head is that if we start censoring based on the ‘what could happen’s then we walk down a dangerous road. Again, I fully understand that too.

I’m wafting to-and-fro here, and that’s the problem with arguing over freedom of speech. It appears to be black-and-white, all-or-nothing, and that is doing my head in! There is no room for ‘what if’s with such a highly-charged subject, yet it cannot be right that something so universally wrong and terrible is allowed a forum. I think this is because we feel that if we budge just a millimetre, “the man” will take a mile.

So what’s the answer? Is there one? I think I’m writing this just to be cathartic rather than come up with one myself. Do we start to rethink freedom of expression? I’m not proposing that, I just want to know is there any situation where it would be acceptable to think it. I can hear the knives (and other, more violent weapons) coming out now for daring to think that that should ever happen on any level. I just cannot fathom how it is right that such shit can be allowed and that nothing can be done.

Maybe that’s just it. If you want your rights to be upheld then you have to be prepared to deal with this kind of thing and damn the consequences. Sigh, I don’t know. I haven’t really gotten anywhere with this have I? Still, it’s been good to get my thoughts out, as inarticulately as I have.

If it does boil down to freedom of expression versus censorship then I’m on the former side all the way. Dealing with this moron far outweighs censorship of a basic human right. It just seems that there is nothing offering any form of protection to those at risk from him. What is the difference between what he’s doing and bullying and/or advertising cigarettes?

One more thing, in a world where you can’t pick up a paper or look at a website without seeing a light being shone on someone’s Twitter feed/Facebook status/blog, why has there been nothing (the Twitter revolt aside) against this idiot??

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