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A Shiny, New Blog

I have decided to start a blog. I had tried this before on Tumblr, but quickly found it to just be an extension of my Twitter-self, i.e. all (attempted) witty asides and pithy comments. There was no real substance of any kind, and I quickly became bored. I also found it hard to articulate anything, but don’t let that put you off here. See, I’ve already written a paragraph!

I think I’m doing this to try and let myself gain some sense on things which have occurred recently, as my head has been to everywhere and back again, and I haven’t been able to get a foothold. We all know the reasons why, and too many column inches have been dedicated to that particular ignominy, so I won’t dwell on it! We’ll call this some kind of self-therapy. Yes, that sounds pretentious and over-dramatic, perfect!

So here’s hoping it goes ok and doesn’t fall by the wayside like my other attempt.

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